Free Network Health Check

LocalIT provides a free and powerful service that identifies potential issues on a business network. Even if you have an existing agreement with a current IT provider, we can provide a second opinion to help you understand your IT infrastructure.


Our health check provides a comprehensive report of your IT setup and network performance. This will allow you to fully understand any limitations your system may have such as memory, CPU speed, networks and storage. From this we can make recommendations for technology upgrades.

Our Network Health Check covers:

Inactive user accounts

Asset report


Anti-virus status

Disk space availability

Log audit

Security patch status

Backup Solutions


The health check will test the strength and reliability of your IT security and highlight areas that may need attention.

These could be critical vendor updates or patches, or updates to your anti-virus files to ensure your firewall policy meets industry best practice.


Business continuity

The main business benefit of a health check is to identify any potential threats or issues that may occur in the future such as performance issues or storage limits that could have a detrimental effect on your business in the future.

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