Cloud Services

Forward-thinking organisations are moving away from traditional on-site solutions and are increasingly embracing the significant reward so far cloud-first strategy.

Latest cloud-based technologies

Our LocalIT Cloud Services deliver increased organisational security and resilience whilst also providing greater agility and innovation with in your IT infrastructure. Migrating to the cloud can also significantly reduce operating costs through flexible pricing options.

As cloud-friendly experts, we are well positioned to advise and guide you through the key considerations of people, process and technology to help you understand how cloud services can be used with in your organisation. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the latest cloud-based technologies that are used in a business environment, including private, public and hybrid cloud solutions.

Cloud Desktop

Cloud Back up

Cloud Servers

Cloud Network

Our cloud professional services

From advice and guidance through to the design, planning and cloud selection and delivery, our consultants can help you fulfil your cloud objectives through expert impartial advice .

Our approach to professional services is to focus on your desired business outcomes and goals, and in additional, those business challenges that you are up against. By understanding your drivers, we can propose the right cloud solution and assist your decision-making process.

We will recommend one or more cloud services that will help you to meet these challenges and we also provide expert advice on how to integrate these cloud services into your daily business operations.

Cloud migration and adoption

We make moving to a cloud an easy and straightforward experience and have successfully migrated many organisations from traditional on-site solutions to a multitude of cloud platforms that suit their businesses. With a successful cloud solution implementation, cost savings and operational efficiency can quickly follow. We provide a fully managed cloud adoption service that manages the migration of all users and servers and users across your business with minimal downtime. Our cloud consultancy team also provide ongoing support, and will answer any queries, concerns or technical questions that you may have about your cloud services.

The benefits of migrating your office to the cloud

A completely flexible solution

The cloud creates real value for businesses by connecting workforces and providing a secure, reliable and collaborative infrastructure for any time, any place, on any device.

Improved security

Our cloud services are highly secure and reliable. Plus with tighter administrative control you can have complete control over employee’s levels of access.

Lower costs

The models of cloud computing today have vastly scaled in the past 10 years to offer companies huge cost savings. Essentially, you are renting top enterprise-class applications and services without the need to invest in infrastructure, staff and support costs. With our fixed monthly fees there are no surprise costs

Go paperless

By using cloud-based software, business owners and employees can access key business information instantly and in real-time rather than relying on complicated and unwieldy spreadsheets, or even physical records.

Cloud telephony system

Our Cloud-based managed IP telephony service is a hosted VoIP service designed specifically for dynamic and growing organisations and can be quickly changed to fit your requirements so staff at home or remote offices get exactly the same functionality as their head office colleagues.

By using a cloud based telephone system you will benefit from significant cost-saving, as no physical infrastructure needs to be put in place, as well as increased operational efficiency, resilience and business continuity.

Public Cloud Service Providers

We use the Public Cloud Service Providers to offer a a broad set of global cloud-based products including storage, databases, analytics, networking, developer tools, security and enterprise applications. These services can help your organisation move faster with lower IT costs and rapid scalability. They are trusted by the largest enterprises to power a variety of workloads including web and mobile applications, game development, data processing and warehousing, storage, archive and much more.

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