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About LocalIT

 Our management team and technical staff have over two decades of experience working in commercial sectors including finance, media, retail and marketing.

Our combined experience gives us valuable insights which enable us to quickly identify the support and IT solutions that best suit your individual business needs. Because we understand the business you’re in, we start adding value the minute we step through the door.

As the saying goes “time is money” and any unplanned downtime can affect your profitability. So no matter the size of your business, we understand you need maximum system up-time.

Our expertise

As a managed service provider we will engage with you and your business to become your trusted business partner, rather than simply an IT service provider.

We take pride in our ability to think outside the box. Every business has unique requirements and goals – we excel in listening to what our partners want, and offering relevant advice to help you make the correct technology decisions. With over two decades of experience across a wide range of technology, you can be confident that you’ll receive the very best advice.


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